Thursday, June 11, 2009


My second Mom (my mother's best friend from high school who is basically my surrogate mother) is one smart chicky and has a new website up and running.

Along with her friend, Rachel Zahn, they recently launched Mama's on Call . You can read both of their bios here. Ellen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Wizard, SmartyMcGee, Professor of Funny Things, and a keeper and giver of Wisdom. Rachel is a Doc, and although I have never met her in person, if she is a friend of Ellen's, she has to be golden.

Mamas On Call is dedicated to answering all your questions about parenting, raising kids, health...anything! It includes sound advice from two women who not only have clinical backgrounds, but also tons of hands on experience with kids of their own.

If you have kids, know anyone with kids, or anyone who is thinking of having kids, check it out! It is a wonderful resource, with great things to read and you can send the Mamas questions and they'll respond. I don't even have children and I like reading it on a regular basis.

So, go check out these two hot Mamas! The children are our future!


janis said...

Your sister is also a goldmine when it comes to information on raising kids.

sarahsouth said...

yup, that's how my mom got through raising me!