Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The temps have been rising here in the city and I'm trying to get everything done before I jet off to the west coast.

Speaking of heat, I am perplexed and concerned by the following photographs that surfaced yesterday:

I am confused.

I understand that if you're in Hawaii (where the photos were taken) and it is hot, that you wouldn't exactly want to put on a bunch of clothes if you were going to be running around engaging in various sporting activities.

But WHAT would possess you to put on WEDGES?!?!?? Do you want to have your ankle broken? I really just don't get it. I am so concerned!!!!

If you want to run around and show your stuff on the court, there are plenty of revealing outfits you could wear.

You get my (match) point.


I guess I can get over the fact that she's wearing a bikini on the tennis court. That doesn't really bother me. She's on vacation, she's not offending anyone, whateva. Rock on with your bad self; you look better than most people in that thing. But her choice in foot gear is just not acceptable.

There is no way she had a good time while she was doing this. She did not have any fun and it probably really, really, hurt.

My message to dear Jennifer Love-Hewitt, or Love, or The Artist Formerly Known As Love, or whatever it is that people call you now: Please wear proper footwear when you are playing tennis and let's work on avoiding injury
and perpetuating a man's fantasy that women play sports looking like this.

I'm sorry guys, but real women do not engage in such tomfoolery. Real women will get you on the court and kick your a**.

Enough said.

J-Lo-Hew: You are kind of making us ladies look silly.

And, FYI, you will always be Sarah Reeves to me.

And Sarah Reeves would not run around on a tennis court wearing wedges.

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Anonymous said...

Silly girl! J. Love knew damn well what she was doing: she wanted the media to pick up on specifically her appearance on the tennis court. She took off the weight and wanted everyone to know.
So much for being comfy in your own shoes.
Much love,
Yo Mama