Monday, August 31, 2009


There are lots of things I enjoy that come in doubles.

For instance:

Double Deckers.
Dubble Bubble.

Double Dutch.

Double Gersh Bros.

But there is nothing quite like a weekend that has a big old double serving of


I love weekends that involve double brunching, and this weekend was no exception. Brunch on Saturday AND Sunday and both were equally delicious. One at a friend's wonderful house in Brooklyn and another on Sunday at Flatbush Farm, also in Brooklyn (very yummy...try the buckwheat pancakes).

There is just something so nice about sitting around, chatting, and eating delicious food in the late morning with your chums. I think I prefer it to going out to dinner because when you're done, you have the whole rest of the day ahead of you. And you can also totally take a post-brunch nap, which is almost always a necessity.

Brunch is pretty much a staple of New York living and I'm rawther glad about that.

Hope you had great weekends as well...

Countdown to Maine T-2!!

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