Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Just had our first performance of this beautiful play and it was a blast. Crazy, but a blast. We got new scenes right before the reading so it was just as new to us as it was to the audience, but that is why I love the theatre. Things happen and you make it work.

So many family and friends came to see the show tonight and I felt so lucky to have such supportive, lovely people in the audience. I am beyond grateful to have such absolutely fantastic people in my life.

Applause goes out to all of you. Bravo! You are all super human beings!

We have a few more days of rehearsal, another reading, and then PIFF! It's over.

Bigtime sad face.

I do not want this to be over. I like it too much.

And, I also really like this:

Why can't I be in a British ukulele orchestra?

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