Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, I am back.

(Insert major groan here).

Back from the best vacation ever. Back to "real life," back to my apartment, back to the land where I cannot run in the woods for an hour every day, go sailing, swim in the ocean, and feel the winds of freedom blowin' through my hairrrrr.

I. Love. Maine.

We took some great pictures, but you will have to wait a bit to see them because I have to get them, gasp, developed. Eeeeep! I know. These days no one takes pictures on actual film, but I did. And, I rocked it old school style with a disposable camera. I am rather excited to see what they look like; I forgot about how fun it can be to go and pick up your pictures.


I'll leave you with two photos from the first day, a meal I replicated on the last day as well.

It's a li'l photo essay I like to call:

"In My Belly."

Thanks, Mistah Lobby. You were great.


Yo Mama For Obama said...

Your photos are picture perfect. They say it all. Long live the Fish Net!

MAC said...

Thanks, Mama. I really did have the best time and you know who I owe it to...You rock. And so does that Fish Net!!!