Monday, September 14, 2009


It is a very sad day for us all.  Patrick Swayze has passed away after his battle with pancreatic cancer.  

All I can say is: Patrick, since you blew my mind in Dirty Dancing, I've never been able to hear the name "Johnny" without thinking about you and the way you turned Baby into a woman during that glorious summer of 1963.  I can't hear those first drum beats of "Be My Baby" without thinking of the opening credits or hear the harmonica in "Hey Baby" without thinking of you twistin' on that log above the stream.  And, never has a man looked so hot in a black wife beater and tight black high waisted pants.

You also made me weep like a mofo in Ghost.

I will miss you deeply and I hope you're having the time of your life up there at the Kellerman's in the sky.


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Coogs said...

Dear Patrick,
I am sure no one has put you in a corner in heaven.