Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm pooped.

I've been up since 6:30am and just got home, but it was a GREAT day.

I managed to squeeze in the gym, work, errands, seeing the final dress rehearsal of Memphis on Broadway and got to do some other fun things at the theatre that I can't quite talk about yet...

Super things are a brewin', but I need to get some shut eye otherwise I will be too tuckered out to make some magic tomorrow.

I also saw Sienna Miller and Travis from So You Think You Can Dance. They are both small and blonde.

If you are in New York, go see Memphis! It is a powerhouse of a show and there is a native Bay Area actor in it (who also acted with the company where I just did the festival in August). He gives one HELLUVA performance. YOWZA!!!!! LOVED HIM!!!!

Go, James Monroe Iglehart, go!!!

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