Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was up later than normal last night with band practice at my apartment and tonight we have a show. We don't go on until 10 something and we're playing in Brooklyn, which means I probably won't get home until around 1am and then I have to get up and go to work.

I am going to be POOPED by the end of the day on Friday. But, as the chorus line folks (sorta) say, it is what we do for love.

And, I am worried about Amy Winehouse because apparently she had her ta-tas touched up and then decided to go sing, like the next day. Not smart, Wine-Wine.

PLEASE watch this video. It is beyond. At one point they cut away because Amy starts lifting up her skirt, she can't remember the "choreography" and apparently she is the girl's godmother?!! And, the hug at the end is obviously because Amy needs something to keep her upright. The new boobs are making her top heavy.

There are moments where I don't think she knows where she is.

I want that red outfit the female dancer is wearing. What IS that thing?!

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