Monday, October 12, 2009


No, really! My heat is on!

It is getting way chilly in New York and the season has officially started because today, I busted out my favorite fall piece of clothing:

My giant, blaze orange L.L.Bean hunting vest.

It is like, so totally my fave. I have had this puppy since my collegiate Maine days, it is so warm, so comfy, and I will never, ever get hit by a car or shot when I'm in it. And, if I do, the person who shoots or hits me will be so moronic that I will millions in the law suit...providing I am alive post hit/shooting.

In weather like this, I enjoy snuggling in my bed, reading, drinking copious amounts of warm liquids, and listening to soothing tunes by Chet Baker, Judy Garland, and Boyz II Men.

Kidding about the Boyz II Men.

Sorta. But, the dudes really did have some good numbers that most definitely provided me with some amazing slow dances in the 6th grade. They are the soundtrack to my middle school loves.

Um...just googled them to see what they were up to and apparently they have a new album coming out in November?! Who knew!

The temps may be dropping, but life is as hot as ever and my band, Rooftops, has a show on Thursday. The fellers were over tonight getting ready and we're going to have a great time playing and singing and whooping it up in a few days. More details on the show to come soon...

In the mean time, I hope you are all staying warm and dry. I hear there are some serious rain storms about to hit the Yay Area! Watch out!

I have to go find my gloves. I don't remember where I put them back in March...

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