Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I cannot believe that it is already nearing the end of October.

It is almost my birthday, it is almost the Ween of the Hallow, I have yet to carve anything resembling a pumpkin and I haven't gone to Central Park to look at the changing leaves.


I know.

Next week I will be entering a time period known as "Pseudo-Unemployment." This time period could also be called "Almost Totally Freaking Out" or "Somebody Please Hire Me For Anything" or "The Curse of Every Artist Everywhere Ever."

I have a feeling I will be blogging much more frequently because I will not be sitting in an office all day, but for the sake of us all, let us pray that I find something and that my blogging stays at a normal level.

In other news, I managed to get staple stuck in my middle finger today. That did not feel good.

And in other news besides that, I got to go to the opening night of Memphis last night on Broadway and had a smashing time. More on that when I have a brain that functions.

I am tuckered out and am going to hit the hay.

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Martha said...

I just read where you were going to be unemployed soon and just happened to get this story in a daily email I get through my work.


It is only for a month & I think you would be awesome at it...and you are sure to meet a million interesting people!!