Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I had a few hours to kill before an audition this morning in midtown. While I was walking to the Equity building, I stumbled upon the new lounge area that has been set up in the middle of Times Square.

I absolutely LOVE this! It is so great. Normally I HATE Times Square. HATE HATE HATE. I avoid it like the plague because it is filled with millions of people who walk like drunk snails and it makes me crazy. But this new thing they have going on is stellar!

Not only did I have a very comfortable seat, but I had a total blast watching Good Morning America film the Road Version of Wipeout. If you don't know what Wipeout is, please revisit my post from last summer.

Next time I am showing up in Times Square with a bikini, a thermos of sangria, and a bottle of tanning oil.


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