Friday, May 29, 2009


I gotta tell ya, I am not into this weather at all. It has been a mixture of rainy, cold, humid, and poopy for the past week and it really does not do much for me.

I have a meeting today at 11:00am and I do not want to change out of my jammies to go.


I have to write a webisode for this thingy and I don't know where to start. I have never really considered myself a "writer," even though I have this blog, but I think of this as more of a spewing of whatever pops into my crackheaded mind. But I guess that is what writing is on a fundamental level?

Hmmmm. Must put that on the List O' Things To Ponder.

I guess today is the perfect kind of day for writing, so after my meeting I will get really writerly, to go to a coffee shop, and try to bang something out.

If only I wore glasses. I would look way more writerish and smartish and seriousish.

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