Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday evening I received an email from my sister titled, "OMG" saying the following:

"I am walking on 5th and just passed Bristol, the baby in a baby carrier

and Todd Palin.

For reals."

I immediately emailed her back and asked if she gave them the finger guns, but apparently not.

We all know how into Bristol I am.

This is why she was here...

"Bristol Palin hit the campaign trail in New York City Wednesday. But this time she didn't do it for her mother's political ambitions. Eighteen-year old Bristol is an ambassador for teen abstinence, despite the recent birth of her son Tripp in December. Tripp's father, Levi, has continued a war of words with the Palins. This morning he went on CBS The Early Show to comment on Bristol's campaign. Levi called it "unrealistic."

- Huffington Post

"Hey, Brist! If I squish my face and close my eyes like this does it make me look like a fishy?!? Tee hee hee hee."

Why was Hayden Pat-My-Derriere there? To talk about how she has not been abstinent and hasn't gotten pregnant? I'm tres confused. We all know she and Old Man Milo were Heroes in the cradle robbing bedroom for a freaking eon:

Save the whales, Haydie.

The whole thing is weird.

Anyhoo. I saw Natasha Lyonne riding her bike in my hood the other day wearing all black, smoking a cigarette and looking like she hadn't showered in about a week. Even though she is pretty much a mess, I still love her because I thought she was so stellar in

Slums Of Beverly Hills

I found a desk on the street in front of my apartment yesterday (it is metal, so it can't have bed bugs) and today my project is fixing it up. I'm thrilled, even though the weather is still freaknasty.


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