Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I woke up to sunshine and blue skies after a week of rain, a sick tummy, and an endless winter. This weather shift has been most welcome and has instantly put me in the mood for spring. I started doing a little research about re-planting my windowsill garden for this year and I stumbled upon a New York Times article from...

April 22, 1894!

You can read the entire article here, but I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes:

"She may have enough growth and bloom to delight her eyes, excite the envy of the women over the way, and lend a suggestion of beauty to that most commonplace of structures, the city house front."

"Any carpenter should be glad to make boxes long and broad enough for the average city window-ledge at 50 cents each; half the money would often be fair pay."

"Gardening is not a difficult art; some of the finest growth in florists' windows have been handled from start to finish by men as heavy of head and hand as the ordinary day laborer, and what such men can learn is within the comprehension of any woman."

"A favorite box-plant of thousands of nice old ladies is the portulacca."

I am very much looking forward to getting my domestic dameness on and planting some fleurs.

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