Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We all know that I have been hurting hard for some sunshine and, now that the forecast calls for less disgusting and more warmth, I can't help but think about summer and light and open spaces and swimming and how, someday, I will own my own house out in the country somewhere.

I stumbled across the following photos on various blogs and thought I'd share them with you.

I would like to be at this lake:

And, I would like to have a small cabin on that lake with a kitchen that maybe looks like this:

With a bright airy room in the farm that I will own near the lake that maybe looks like this*:

And my pantry will look like this:

Actually, I am completely and totally obsessed with this entire house.


Mom - you will really like their house. Check it out.

More to come on my virtual vacation land home...I like this game.

*I particularly liked this because of the stuffed elephant on the bed. One of my most sacred possessions is an old stuffed elephant that used to be long to my Dad when he was a kid and it looks strikingly similar to the one in this photograph. There is something so sweet to me about a little stuffed sweet.

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