Monday, March 8, 2010



The would-be future queen of England had to search through dog poop after her cocker spaniel ate a pair of pricey pearl earrings given to her by Prince William.

Royal girlfriend Kate Middleton loved the antique studs Wills gave her on her 28th birthday, and she was distraught when they went missing from her bedside table, according to the Daily Mail.

"She knew William had spent a lot of money on the earrings and she was embarrassed that she had mislaid them," a friend of Middleton's told the Mail.

Middleton suspected that her beloved dog Otto had chowed down the baubles, and she resorted to walking him several times a day in hope of recovering them.

Otto eventually produced the evidence of his guilt, but the earrings were damaged beyond repair. The prince graciously offered to buy his gal another pair.

"He said the main thing was that Otto was okay," the source told the Mail. "He adores the dog, who's very sweet."

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