Wednesday, June 2, 2010


1. Keeping my comforter on the couch.

There is something nice about being able to plop down on the couch and curl up in a comforter. It feels kind of like a sleepover or something.

2. Having my AC unit next to said couch.

3. Bubbly lemon water mixed with pomegranate juice. Always a warm weather favorite.

It is all natural but you don't have to stir it! I used to be all, "Oh, I love stirring natural peanut butter because it feels so naturalicky and I am working for my delicious food!" But, really, I always totally hated how that peanut oil would inevitable goosh out of the top of the jar, and get all over my hands, and if it got on my shirt WELL that was really annoyerz. Thank goober for these folks.

5. The fact that I will be heading back to California in a matter of days.

6. The bottle of Malbec that I snagged for $9 and isn't half bad.

7. The Harry Potter theme park that is opening in 16 days. Must plan trip immediately.

8. That I already have my own real wand back from when I did a Harry Potter play for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

That's right.

I have MY OWN WAND (back somewhere in California), you bizards*.

9. Streaming Modern Family on Hulu.

10. The race to figure out if Mariah Carey is preggers. Can you even imagine that baby? It would be my most favorite behbeh of all time.

*This is my new term for b*tchy wizards.

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