Friday, June 25, 2010


Um, the weather here is a little chilly. When I was packing in New York (also known as Hot Sweaty Mess York) apparently I was not able to wrap my brain around the fact that it was going to be foggy on occasion in California; I should have packed a few more things.

The good news is that it is supposed to warm up next week and the place where they are housing 2 of the other out of town actors has a pool.


I'm off to another full day of rehearsals. We all hit a little wall of exhaustion yesterday because being in a rehearsal studio for a million hours a day, six days a week, can make someone a little crazy. But, it was nothing that a giant glass of Malbec with the ladies from the show couldn't fix! We had a great night AWAY from rehearsals and I feel a lot better today. I am off to grab some coffee and am ready to tackle my toughest scene in the play.


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