Monday, June 28, 2010


A few random shots from right before I left New York:

What you can't see in this one is that the woman standing in front of the parked car was flying a kite. It was a warm pre-summer evening and I just thought it was the sweetest thing to see a middle aged woman flying a kite in the middle of a New York street.

This was attached to a lamp post in my hood and I started laughing out loud when I read it:

It is a drink recipe for the "Sweet Coopie" which someone invented for Anderson Cooper's Birthday. HILARE. I will be making one soon.

And, a shot from California. I saw this when I was in the car the other day:

That giant truck has a carnival ride on it (presumably from the San Mateo County Fair). Any ride that can be transported on a truck is not safe, but I will never learn my lesson seeing as last summer in Maine I had the time of my life on the Swingy Swing ride.

Oh well.

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