Monday, June 28, 2010


We only have one day off a week from rehearsals and it happens to be Mondays. I now find myself totally turned around and confused when Sunday night rolls around because I'm convinced that it is Friday night.

This morning I woke up at 11:00am!?!?!?!???? WHAT!?!!? I know. We had the first full run through of the show yesterday and let's just say it was rawther exhausting. This play is quite a roller coaster (in a great way) and very physical, so at the end of the day I am pooped. I am feeling rather disoriented because the rest of the world is emailing me and asking me questions and I want to tell them all to chill out because it is the weekend. How wrong I am.

The only thing right with the world is the fact that Liza will be launching her very own jewelry and clothing collection on HSN starting June 30th. How I did not know about this before, I will never quite understand, but I am going to TiVo the living daylights out of her appearance.

I am off to use a guest pass at my Mom's gym where they have a rooftop pool. The skies have cleared and the sun is out, so I am completely ready to sit my butt down on a lounge chair and occasionally glide around in the water. I asked my mother if they served drinks at the pool and she looked at me like I was nuts. "Molly, it's a gym. No." Well, I think that's LAME. Maybe I'll bring my own...

**To the friend who sent me the link: Who are you? Is it you, Miz Millah? Make yourself known because the email arrived through the website without your name and I need to thank you!

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