Saturday, June 5, 2010


Some people think that covering songs is a cop out - that you should write your own music. Besides the fact that there are very few people who actually write the very songs that they sing, I don't think that doing a cover is cheap or that it lacks creativity - if you do it well. I think there is a difference between just singing someone else's song versus making it your own and it is something we often discuss in my band. How do you find a new way to sing it? How do you make it different, but not just for the sake of being different? Whatcha tryin to say with it? We play a lot of our own material, but tend to be pretty selective about the covers we do. We really try to put our own spin on them as opposed to just copying what was done before and it is really, surprisingly, difficult. But, when it is done well, it can be something quite spectacular and makes it like a whole new song.

And, this is exactly what I'm talking about:

First listen to this in its entirety:

Now listen to this:

Being able to turn a pop song (that usually drives me crazy) into something oddly beautiful is a true talent. As I said to Parmersan, it makes you want to run outside into the sunshine, spin around in circles, and weep.

I love it.

So, kudos to you, British mister. I dig your tunes, both the covers and the originals, though I think your cover is pretty damn original, too.

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