Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just like the title says, today is a day of many things.

To name a few, it is my last day here in New York for 2 months and it is the day of The Tony Awards. Or, this year I am calling them the MEMPHIS IS IN THE HOUSE awards.

I swear to all things theatre, if Montego Glover does not win Best Actress in a musical I will be all things devasted. I mean, same basically goes for every category the show is nominated for, but I am particularly rooting for Ms. Glover and for the show to win Best Musical. It is just the essence of what an original Broadway musical should be and the talent 'sploding from that cast is something fiercity fierce.

I am also praying to the Broadway Jesus that somehow I will run into Liza Minnelli tonight. The after party is going to be off the hook, so why wouldn't she show up? I know there are quite a few other well known homies on the guest list, but so far I haven't heard anything about the Z Master herself. One can only hope.

Side note about Liza:
We were talking about her last night at my going away gathering (obviously) and my friend McMurty mentioned that she still takes a dance lesson every day.


Does she ever.

Ok - per the usual, Liza has derailed me. I have to go run about a million errands, finish packing, clean my apartment, finish writing something to make my deadline, find a dress, and hustle off to get my make-up done. Next time I blog will most likely be from California.


And, to Team Memphis (particularly you, Miz Millah): Regardless of who wins tonight at the Tony's, you have all kicked so much Broadway and theatrical ass. I can't even tell you how honored I am to be able to spend tonight with such a fantastical group of people.


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