Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have returned from my wee east coast road trip where my sister and I dropped off our cousin for his freshman year at Dartmouth. After lots of shopping, packing, and unpacking we got into car to head back to the city.

I made it very clear that on the drive home we were going to have to stop for something extremely important. Something I had been missing since leaving the east coast when I graduated from college. Something that is just so wonderful and non-existent in the west and I've thought about it a lot over these past few years. And that something is the wonder known as...


For those of you west coasters who do not know this wonder, it is a chain of restauranty/dinery places that are kind of like a Denny's, but nicer. As Friendly's puts it, "Delicious food, premium ice cream, and magical moments." Their ice cream is scrumptious. Sooooo good and my favorite is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae.


I couldn't finish it. But my lack of finishing did not diminish its deliciousness.

I think I am still digesting it a day later but I am really looking forward to visiting Dartmouth and other places that require leaving the city so I can go back to Friendly's. I can't decide if that is sad or great.

I hope you get to have a magical moment today.

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Erika said...

Oh my, the peanut butter sauce on that Reese's Pieces Sundae is straight-up GOD! Oh lord, I had forgotten about that. Wow.