Monday, September 29, 2008


I am now finally putting my nose to the grindstone and the ground and the pavement and am starting to look for a job. I am ending the party known as my arrival and am actually going to try and make some money. This notion is both exciting and traumatizing.That is more traumatizing than my job search.

I digress.

I am also going into operation "Reign It In" which is where I will 1. start paying attention to how much money I am spending and 2. stop spending so much money. Should be pretty simple and work out well.

My mums was in town for the weekend and had a lovely time gallivanting with her and the sister around the 'hattans. I bought a sweater, a bra, and a bagel with smoked salmon at Zabar's and celebrated my 1 month until my birthday day. Also, my sister scored free tickets for the two of us to see "Legally Blonde" because her friend plays in the pit.

And I must say that Bailey Hanks who won the role on MTV's reality show was actually adorable and did a great job. Yey for her.

The show had some moments of hilarity, but it was a bit like watching a badly planned sputtery crackhead fireworks display on the 4th of July, except with a lot of pink instead of red, white and blue.

What? I know.

Shitty thing of the week: I forgot to TiVo the New Kids on the Block VH1 Behind the Music.

Tragic. They HAVE to re-run it.

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