Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This building that you see before you is what is commonly called: "Madison Square Garden."

In reality it is called: "The-Building-Where-I-Will-Be-Screaming-My-Face-Off-On-My-Birthday-

Yes, it is true. I found out the glorious news days ago that Larkita has purchased the tickets and I will be dancing and singing like a maniac alongside my sister and roommate, Miz Millah, on my Birthday at the New Kids concert. I am going to be posting some of their material here on the blog in preparation for the big day. I am obviously going to wear my NKOTB t-shirt that I have, but am considering trying to re-create my outfit I wore to the original concert. I have leggings, but I would have to find a skin tight black cotton skirt with gold metallic polka dots all over it. That could be challenging...

From the NKOTB Website Blog, written by the most dreamy dreamerson of the group. Just don't pay attention to the wife and son part...Or just pretend that YOU are the wife. That works, too.

September 14th, 2008

10:15 pm Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008
I’m sitting in section 120 row 14 seat 10 at the arena in Toronto. I’m the only one in the stands as I watch the stage being put together for a New Kids on the Block concert. Wow. I see it slowly coming together. Light rigs being strung up. They just rolled out the floor for the stage. Just now, the first flash as they test the massive light rig. One of the toughest things of being a part of amazing productions and shows and performances is that sometimes you feel like it went too fast, like you didn’t quite enjoy it as much as you could have. So help me God, I will drink this up. A wonderful life, a beautiful wife, a son. And a world tour with 4 guys that go beyond any description that could explain the connection I have with them. And the people that have made this new journey possible… You. So help me God, I’m gon’ drink this up.

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