Friday, September 12, 2008


I had a list of errands to run yesterday and one of them was to go to Lady Footlocker to pick up my new running shoes. I wrote down the address and saw that it was on Broadway, didn't think it would be too far. Well...


I managed to walk all the way from my neighborhood through SoHo and then some. I was ready to keel over and die by the time I got to the store so I just wanted to grab my shoes and go. I've been wearing Asics GT's forever and just wanted the updated model of the GT-2130. I found a sales guy (Daniel), they had what I wanted, and he went back to get 2 pairs for me to try on: the ones I wanted and one other pair that cost twice as much as the ones I was going to buy but they were reallllly snazzy.

Needless to say, I told Daniel I was going to get the Asics.

He asked if I wanted some insoles to add to the shoes. I said, "No."

Then he asked me if I wanted any apparel. I said, "No."

Then he asked me if I wanted a sports bra for 50% off. I asked if they were on sale. He said, "No." I said, "Daniel, are you telling me you are going to give me any full priced sports bra I want for half off?"

And Daniel said, "Yes."

So, I said, "yes" too. Daniel is my new best friend and he told me to come back whenever I need any shoes or sportswear because he will hook me up.

For all I know he is probably running some illegal something but I don't care. I have one of my favorite types of running sports bras in my drawer for half of what it would have normally cost me. And this is yet another reason why I love New York.


Joe said...

sports bra half off? think about it molly. there is a scam, but it's not illegal. i say you take him up on it!

sarahsouth said...

reminds me of that sex in the city episode with charlotte and the manolo blahnik shoes