Friday, September 26, 2008


I forgot to mention that her holiness made a guest appearance on Grey's last night.

Yes I did scream out loud when she got out of the limo, yes her face did look pulled tighter than a drum, but you have to love her. The woman is a theatre legend and there is nobody like her. I'm just so, so sorry that my girl B got stuck with such a stupid, crappy episode. Why couldn't they have done a 2 hour musicalized premiere? THAT would have been amazing. Can't you just see Callie singing some love song to Dr. Han and a really intense song of banishment sung by my McDreamy to Rose? And then Bernadette could have had an entire number to herself where she contemplated life with a man who can't speak anymore who has also slept with her best friend. And Lexie could have sung, "On My Own" while roaming the halls thinking of George. It has the potential to be so incredible. I should contact Shondra.

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