Sunday, September 14, 2008


This was really my first full weekend here in the city and, needless to say, I had a blast. Friday night I hung out with my fabulous roommate Miz Millah, ate dinner, and laughed a lot. Saturday morning I woke up feeling really ambitious and hauled off to Chelsea to hit up the flea market with all the gays. They had some really amazing stuff and I highly recommend going to the garage instead of the outdoor market. They have 2 floors of vintage clothes, furniture, and random things. You really do have to pick around, but I managed to find a great mirror, some vintage cups and bowls, an adorable vintage bag, and some other random things. The garage is on West 25th between 5th and 6th.

I also managed to see two of my best friends from London Saturday afternoon. I just love them. And then it was off to a dance party at Larkita's where there was lots of shimmying, eating, drinking, and rooftop chatting.

Today I am totally wiped and it is totally hot out. I have been lying around on the couch all day with the dog, air conditioning at full, watching Sex and the City on DVD. I managed to fall asleep for awhile and only woke up because my phone rang. Larkita will be joining me shortly for dinner and more DVD viewing. She is also going to help me figure out how to decorate my room. Any ideas?

I must say I am feeling rather Carrie Bradshawy because I am sitting in my apartment blogging. Except I am not wearing anything fabulous and she actually got paid to write whatever she wrote and I don't. Whateva.

Tomorrow my real life starts. Tomorrow I hit the pavement and hopefully my face doesn't get damaged.

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