Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have arrived.

Our cab ride was a bit insane. Perfect for New York. LOVE crazy cabbies.

View from my balcony.

Jealous yet?

I know.


I am one lucky duck.

Upon my arrival, I was welcomed with the news that my dear friend Larkita, one of my loves for life, will be taking me to see New Kids on the Block live at Madison Square Garden for my birthday this year. If you even know what the name of my blog is you should probably be able to figure out how much I love and respect them. And how much I bugged out upon receipt of the news.

Some day I'll tell y'all about when I hugged Joey McIntyre. And he smelled good, even though he had just finished an entire performance of Wicked (which, might I add, I love that the show he was in was called Wicked because Wicked is a very Boston thing to say and Joey is a Bostonian and so he says it with that great little Boston accent and it is just TOO CUTE).

I even got to stop at Whole Foods down the block and stock up on some of my eats.

And they had local ostrich eggs. Everybody loves Ostrich Eggs. Only in New York.

Even though today is supposed to be a tropical rain explosion, we're still going to have a great time. There are talks of hitting up the planetarium at the Natural History Museum and I, for one, absolutely LOVE planetariums. A lot.

I once led a star show in a portable planetarium the Exploratorium lent my school when I was in 7th grade. It was totally stellar. Hahhaaaa, get it? Get it?

Lastly, my apartment has Guitar Hero. This has the potential to single handedly derail me from my journey to fame and fortune. Or maybe it is what will lead me there...


sarahsouth said...

i am jealous of the view, but more jealous that you get to rock out with your sister!

TheFegurgs said...

Ahhhh!!! So THIS is what you were doing when I called... NKOTB = Wicked, Wicked.

And Lion King is NOT a weepfest. You're gonna have to toughen that ish up if you're gonna make it in the big city, mama.

But if you cry for Joey, that's okay. I'll be crying, too.

Love love love!