Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Living the life of the unemployed has been rather action packed for me. I have been doing a lot, just not getting paid for it. So if anyone wants to be my sponsor, just let me know, because I am checking off things from my list like wild fire and am being very productive.

I digress.

Yesterday, I met my swell sister for a jaunt around town to look for some bedding for my room. I needed something with some kick since my walls are all white and we found some tres adorable ones on sale at Pottery Barn (who knew they had pizzaz?) and I am thrilled with my selection. I got these ones in black:

Then we hit up this new organic (or as my grandpa used to say, "Orgaaaaaahnic) hummus place called Nanoosh for lunch. It was delish! What a find! And they deliver. They're located at 2012 Broadway between W68th & W69th. And apparently they are opening 2 new locations in Manhattan soon. Yum.

I then had to run downtown to SoHo to the Mac store. Diagnosis: not so great. I have to ship it away to get fixed, I might lose everything from my hard drive, but at least it hasn't totally gone to heaven. I am still feeling a little sad about it, but life could be worse.

Last night I was invited by a lyricist to see some of her new works performed at Lincoln Center. Her name is Kirsten Guenther and she was one of the Dramatist Guild Fellows. The room was filled with lots of Broadway folks and we were in the room in Lincoln Center where the Broadway production of South Pacific rehearses. Their rehearsal props were right next to my body. It was kind of amazing and Stephen Flaherty (composer of Ragtime and Once On This Island to name a few) was sitting right in front of me. WHOA.

After the fabulous show, I went back to my sister's to watch Gossip Girl. During the viewing of the worst episode yet (Nate Archibald is whoring himself out for money to save his Pops?? What??) I noticed water dripping from my sister's ceiling fan. And then we noticed it coming from the window. And some other spots on the ceiling. Not good. And some of it was brown. Yuckers.

Turns out the girl 2 floors above her left her faucet running, there was gunk in the sink, and so the whole apartment was overflowing and it had traveled down 2 floors to my sister's place. Thank GOD it was faucet water, not poop water.

Bottom line: Gossip Girl saved the day. If we had not been watching the show, we may never have noticed the water until it was too late. Too late, I tell you.

This was WAY too long. Sorry. I will keep it short next time.

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